Meet Jackie

I am passionate about uncovering your unique potential and purpose!

Through 30 years of various roles and experiences I have loved working with and inspiring women to become all they are created to be. Now as a Certified Professional Life Coach my coaching practice focuses on helping women to identify the limiting thoughts, beliefs and assumptions that block them from moving fully into the dreams and goals they desire. I use Energy Leadership practices and tools to help them break through into new pathways for achieving the desires of their hearts.


My purpose is to inspire and empower each client to fulfill their destiny by guiding them to design a new pathway to achieve their dreams and goals!


Using insight, intuition and skilled questioning, I guide my clients to self-discover their passion and purpose, which will release them to design a plan for accomplishing the goals they set for themselves.  Inspiration, encouragement and empowerment are gifts that I use to lead my clients to experience breakthrough, direction and fulfillment.

My varied experience enables me to understand life’s challenges and joys:

I have enjoyed a wonderful, healthy marriage for 36 years
We have 3 thriving and successful adult children
I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education
I am an Ordained Minister
I have worked with several large corporation’s Training Departments

I would love to talk to you about any questions you have regarding coaching or your unique needs and desires. 

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