What Clients are Saying

I can’t say enough about Jackie and our time together. When I first started with her it was with the desire to write a book. I have never been through the process and I was hoping she would help guide me through it and make me aware of things in my thinking that held me back. What a journey!! We started with an assessment which told her my thinking patterns. It is amazing how, with God’s grace and guidance, she was able to help me become aware of my thinking. Once I was aware she was able to give me some excellent tools to help me think differently. This, of course, changed my whole life, in just a matter of a month or two! Then I was better able to focus on my book. She helped me tremendously in setting goals and thinking through different strategies with writing. But she also went above and beyond, and helped me think differently about my marriage, my parenting, and creating solid boundaries to help me remain focused on the important things. I am amazed at how quickly my thinking turned around, and I am blessed to have my book proposal complete! Thank-you Jackie for your help, prayers, hard work, and dedication to my success. 

Kristi G- Torrington, CT

My coaching experience with Jackie Bauer was inspiring. I have reached a point in my life where I am ready for a new purpose.  Working with Jackie I realized that this pursuit requires that I refocus and identify what are my life’s passions.  This has not always been an easy accomplishment for me.  I needed to overcome personal reservations. With the help of Jackie as my coach, I was able to use a more positive inner dialogue with myself to help me weave through the indecision I have experienced in my life.  I was able to launch projects that I had only been dreaming of in the past.  This experience has given me the confidence to move forward and hone my focus on pursuing my life’s passions.

Miriam M- West Milford, NJ

When I retired early from a long career the life change and transition was scary and unsettling for me. Without Jackie’s coaching I would have settled into an unfulfilling job. Through our weekly meetings I quickly realized that I was setting the course of my future.  From creating an identity statement to setting weekly and long-term goals, I found that holding myself accountable proved to be invaluable.  Through her sixth sense for zeroing in on and pulling things to the surface, she helped me discover things about my way of thinking that blocked me from moving forward.   She has keen wisdom and her sense of insight is invaluable.  It was the best investment I made in myself, with the best possible person to guide me into the fruition of my destiny.  I have since begun a business in the art world doing several exhibits at various venues, some that will be carrying my inventory.  For all the reasons stated above, and more, I highly recommend Jackie Bauer for putting one in touch with one’s inner self and desires, and inspiring one to tap into potential that you may not realize you have.  It was life changing for me and I’m sure it will be for you!

Renee L- Highland Mills, NY

I’m a 75-year-old retired nurse who left the nursing career feeling disappointed and frustrated. I had watched the medical industry focus more on profiting from disease than returning people to wellness.  My own experience with health issues through autoimmune diseases caused me to begin a search for relief through healthy eating.
I didn’t know what to expect when I began working with Jackie Bauer, and I never expected to find an exciting new ministry for wellness.  With the help of her leading and insightful questions she helped me to see a potential for sharing what I was learning with others.  Today, I do a significant amount of research on the subject of healthy eating and share the condensed information in brief daily emails.  Over the past year I have developed about 80 “followers” on 3 continents with people telling me of the benefits they are experiencing. I feel as if I have finally found my purpose in life!

Eileen S- West Milford, NJ

Before I started the coaching program, I was looking for something that would help me move forward in life and Jackie was an answer to prayer. Her values-centered guidance always challenged me to think beyond the surface answers. She helped me dig deeper than I ever thought was possible. Coaching with Jackie helps you lay down each stepping stone on the path of life. Jackie has not only been an amazing coach, but she is also a compassionate mentor. The strategies and lessons she has provided are invaluable.

Nancy S- West Milford, NJ

I highly recommend Jackie as a life coach! She is very in-tune with people and is able to see the talents, strengths and gifting in others and draw it out of them. When I started life coaching sessions with Jackie I was very excited to get started and right from the beginning she exceeded my expectations! She was so prepared with the tools that I needed. We worked on an AIM smart plan where she showed me how to take an overall plan and break it down into steps.  This was very helpful for me.  As a result of coaching with Jackie I am again pursing my love for painting and creating as a business! 

Susan V- Greenwood Lake, NY

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